By day, Crossrail Place Roof Garden makes for a leafy lunchtime spot to munch your sarnies.

By night, the peaceful place is packed with punches, super fast skipping and abs routines that will leave you with a satisfying ache the next day.

When Protein Haus founder Carli Wheatley promises a “killer” workout for your core, she means it.

The Boxing Bootcamp – led by the PT alongside boxing coach James Wheatley and Kenny Knight – has been launched as an offshoot to the smoothie hut in Reuters Plaza.

It’s a quick-fire, action packed introduction to how a professional boxer prepares for a fight – and so much fun.

The sweaty session lasts 45 minutes but because training is at such a high intensity, it means you’re making the most of every minute.

After a running warm up comes an efficient introduction to footwork stance and punch routines before three stations are set up.

Spending three minutes skipping, punching or focusing on body weight work might not sound like much but boy, it’s intense.

There’s just one minute recovery time before you dash to the next task – and two rounds of the circuit to complete.

Pulling on the gloves and letting out frustrations on the pads is a perfect way to de-stress after a long day in Canary Wharf.

And while you’re waiting to try out your upper cut, you’ll be jogging on the spot to keep momentum going.

Meanwhile, Carli keeps guests guessing with variations on mat exercises, switching from static to jumping squats and incorporating star jumps with burpees to push endurance levels to the max.

The group atmosphere and sheer enthusiasm of the trainers will keep you going all the way through to the very last abs twist.

And fitness fans will get a tasty reward in the form of a chunky bottle of Lean PB, a blend of almond milk, vanilla protein and banana with peanut butter.

More weekly classes to be announced. For details and times, go to

Classes cost £10 and include a Protein Haus shake .