Retreat from the coffee queue. Put down the paper cup. Those roasted beans might be part of the reason you’re wired, tired and frazzled.

Nutritionist and author Patrick Holford is calling on Wharfers to cut out the caffeine as a tool to tackle the “stress trap” of modern living.

The Londoner teamed up with therapist Susannah Lawson for their book The Stress Cure and will be leading a Say No To Stress And Fatigue session at Naturals And Organic Products London, at the Excel, on Sunday.

His aim is to “unravel the causes” of stress and he believes pressurised jobs such as those in Canary Wharf are contributory factors. He said daily diets also had a major impact on a person’s ability to tackle tricky situations and adrenalin prompted flight-or-fight responses triggered by anything from an annoying email to a shot of espresso.

“In the olden days you would grow your food and, every once in a while, you would have a major stress, like a bear would come out of the woods,” said Patrick.

“The City and Wharf life is now so different. Now we’re totally used to deadlines, emails, phones and I think Londoners are at breaking point as a direct consequence of the drip-feed of stress.

“They are waking up tired, reaching for coffee or something sweet. But the more coffee we consume the more tired we are going to feel – coffee relieves the tiredness that happens due to coffee consumption. It’s a vicious cycle.”

The ideal situation, he said, was to cut back completely. The Stress Cure also focuses on the power of sleep, binning the cigarettes and seeking natural solutions to find a natural calm.

The book’s release and Docklands event comes as figures from Advising London show 68% of people were experiencing “negative wellbeing”, including feelings of anxiety and depression.

Patrick said: “Everyone has the idea stress is important, but most people think it’s in the mind and you buckle up and think your way out of it. It’s not like that.”

The Stress Cure is published by Platkus, priced £14.99.

Go to or for more information about the book and Patrick’s Excel session.