Buddie – the newest figure at Reebok Sports Club – could be your perfect workout match if you need a new training partner.

The swish electronic screen device is an all-round digital encyclopaedia of health and fitness crammed with workouts, nutrition advice and exercises to target every part of the body.

Reebok is the first club in the country to offer the system made by fitness firm Cybex.

Members can boost their workouts by pinpointing a body type then learning about exercises to suit or selecting from one of many pre-made programmes such as endurance, strength and cardio.

Manager Ben Lewis said: “Everyone joins the club for health purposes – our job is to push them to the right areas that will service what they need.

“Members sometimes feel intimidated by going over to a fitness instructor – especially somewhere like here, because it’s quite big.

“This machine’s easy if you’ve got a quick question or you want to look at something in a bit more detail.

“It’s another way for members to educate themselves too, all at the click of a button.”

Buddie is also a go-to for club information with timetables, profiles and the website all listed, as well as ways to book appointments with trainers and therapists.

Go to reebokclub.co.uk .