As spooky Halloween horrors cast their spell on the capital a study has revealed Londoners are the most likely to get spine-tingling chills as they sleep.

Giant bugs, aliens, dinosaurs and terrorists all sneak into the nightmares of residents who are 77% more susceptible to bad dreams than those living in other regions of the UK.

The capital’s natives are also 26% more likely to suffer than those living in the west Midlands.

It's better bedtime news, though, for Londoners living south of the river.

They are said to be 14% less likely to suffer than those with a north London postcode.

As imaginations run wild during sleep time, 47% said they were scared of falling and 46% said they visualised being chased, with a further 31% saying they felt trapped.

Women tend to be affected more than men while the 18-24 age bracket was shown to be more than 50% more likely to experience a nightmare than those over the age of 55.

The survey by YouGov ties in with the launch of the latest scare-fest hardback by Stephen King.

The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams is a collection of short stories that dig deep into the terrors of the night.

King’s book is set for release on Tuesday, November 3 and is published by Hodder And Stoughton , priced £20.