Niggles and aches, stresses and strains, pains and discomfort. For Canary Wharf workers hunched over desks they’re an all too familiar part of life. But does it have to be that way? Not if staff at the London Wellness Centre are to be believed.

They’re on a mission to improve the lives of Wharf workers and, while they can help tackle pain, it’s prevention they’d rather focus on.

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Centre director Oliver Codrington said: “You might go and see the dentist every six months for a check-up. You don’t just go there when you have toothache or, if you do and you do that a few times, the dentist will soon say: ‘Look, I really need to see you more often’.

“It’s a similar sort of thing. When you see the chiropractor, nutritionist, podiatrist, it’s about prevention rather than a cure.

“We can, and do, help people in pain but really what we’re asking people to do is to come and get the knowledge to make slightly wiser decisions.”

Oliver, who is married to principal chiropractor Dr Joanna Lowry-Corry, took over the running of the centre at Port East on West India Quay in April 2015. The facility, which has just had a thorough revamp, offers a range of services from core staff or partners.

He said: “The space wasn’t used properly, that’s why we’ve made the changes.

“I’m very happy that we are a centre of excellence as opposed to just chiropractors, just podiatrists or just nutritionists. We have those services as well as psychotherapists and we’re just bringing in hypnotherapy.

“We also have one-on-one yoga – if you feel a bit awkward about going to a yoga class, then you get to do it in private.

“What we really like to focus on is move well, eat well, think well – it’s as simple as that; just looking after yourself.”

The London Wellness Centre is based at Port East on West India Quay

And it’s the typical Canary Wharf lifestyle that’s doing the damage.

“Being hunched over a desk in Canary Wharf is exactly the issue,” said Oliver.

“Modern lifestyles don’t help us in any way. The worst thing is people go to the gym and beast themselves for an hour and think: ‘That’s it, I’ve reversed everything’. The truth is you haven’t reversed anything.

“One thing to do is to cut down on internal emails – get up, walk around and talk to people.

“Get up, get a glass of water. That actually kills two birds with one stone.”

Dr Lowry-Corry, who has been practising at the centre for six years, said a visit to a chiropractor could help Wharf workers identify issues.

She said: “The chiropractor is looking for areas in your spine that are restricted and not moving – they’re then trying to get them to move in the shortest time possible.

“If you don’t like the noise of crack, there are loads of other ways of doing that, it’s just a case of telling me. The time to come and see us is when there are small little niggles – do something then.”

She said there were plenty of things people could do to help themselves.

The London Wellness Centre has recently had a revamp

“Walk as much as you can – set an alarm on your computer to make you get up,” she said.

“If you don’t mind, stretch in the office. Try arms all the way up, touch your toes and bend side to side; that stuff allows the joints to move. You’re trying to get every joint and every muscle to move through their whole range every day.”

Consultations with the chiropractor are £65, treatment is £48 or £95 for both in a single session.

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