Limehouse Marina Elite’s gym has had a re-vamp for the New Year with an extended workout space and a shock absorbent floor introduced

The charcoal and black soft tiling has been designed so those lifting and dropping weights can do so in greater safety with less noise.

It is also the venue for group abs blast sessions and there is plenty of space to throw around battle ropes, squat with Vipr Tubes or swing kettlebells.

Aside from exercise, staff in east London say it’s also becoming an area for socialising.

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Head of personal training Robert Smith said: “It’s quite a personal club and the members get to know each other quite well.

“The big guys enjoying the free weights will get involved with the group training because it’s happening next to them and they know their next-door-neighbour will be doing it.

“The new facilities have really defined that area and show what a great space we have designed to suit our members.

“People find themselves challenging and pushing their own body weight and things like the Bulgarian Bags are fun to use with different weights so all members get a good workout and can push themselves as much as they want to push.”

Fitness adviser Stacey Sweeney suggests six exercises to try in the re-vamped space

1. Battle Ropes

What? Grab this long rope and wrap it around a pole to keep it stable.

Hold an end in each hand, squat down, lift both arms, and throw the rope back down to the floor. You can vary the exercise by lifting both sides of the rope from side to side.

Good for: Arms, abs, back.

Try: Four sets of 10 seconds.

2. Vipr Tubes

What? Pick your tube weight from 6kg, then hold each end by the handle by your shoulders. As you squat down, lift the tube above your head with straight arms.

Good for: Legs, arms

Try: Three sets of 10 reps.

3. Box Steps

What? Choose from one of these three snazzy cubes. Step up using your right leg, bring the left leg to join it on top of the cube, then step back, first with your right leg, then left. Keep the pace steady.

Good for: Legs, quad and glutes.

Try: Three sets on each leg of 15 steps.

4. Kettlebell swings

What? Choose your weight and stand strong, with a straight back, in a squat position. Hold the weight between your legs then use the pelvis to push it forward, and the arms to lift the kettlebell into the air.

Good for: Arms and core.

Try: Four sets of 10 reps

5. Abs crunch with medicine ball

What? Get a workout buddy and a medicine ball. Engage the core and do a sit up with the ball, passing it to your partner once you’re lifted to meet them. They will then take the ball, lie down, and use their core to push them back up.

Good for: Abs

Try: Four to six sets of 10 reps.

6. Plank with claps

What? Get a workout buddy and head to the mats. Go into full plank position then lift your right hand off the floor to clap the same paw of your partner.

Good for: Abs

Try: As many claps as you can both manage until you collapse out of plank position.

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