The man behind some of Kylie Minogue’s fancy footwork has arrived in the East End and he’s keen to teach Canary Wharf workers to dance.

Choreographer Marcos White promises heaps of sass in the studio at Limehouse Marina Elite where he’s launched his Fitness Street class for members.

The Friday night sessions blend urban, street and hip hop moves, drawing on his experiences working with the Australian popstar on shows in London and Barcelona as well as a career that includes performing on West End stages and Top Of The Pops.

Class members have already tackled Rihanna’s raunchy BBHMM routine, while next up is plenty of hip-shaking courtesy of Natalie La Rose’s Around The World.

“The beginning is a bit gangster hip hop, it’s quite slow, but it gets more sassy,” said the 41-year-old.

“The chorus will get your ribs going and it gets quirky towards the end.

“The main thing is to know the music so people can maybe download the track to listen to it beforehand.

“Once they know it, the moves should make sense.

“The best part is the excitement in people’s eyes when they realise they can do it.

“They are tentative beforehand but once they get into it people tend to really surprise themselves.

“We do a routine for three to four weeks so they are not always thinking about it – they have time to perform it – and give it swagger.”

That performance element is not just in the gym. Marcos and his dancers are booked to entertain the crowds at The Limehouse Social, a fitness-focussed festival at Limehouse Basin on September 26.

And the fitness benefits?

“The class involves a lot of core work because a dancer has to have an incredible core,” said Marcos.

“It improves coordination as well and it’s a way of getting people exercising while not feeling like they are sweating their guts out even when they are still working hard.

“It’s a different type of fitness and we have fun too”

Corporate membership at LME starts at £105 per month. Fitness Street sessions run every Friday at 6.30pm.