A new series of classes on the Isle of Dogs is aiming to show there is much more to Pilates than gentle stretching.

Trainer Laura Williams has launched Pilates Sculpt a higher intensity session which combines classic moves with exercises to firm up your body and make you sweat.

She said: “Over the years I’ve met so many people who love the fundamentals of Pilates classes – the focus on improved posture, stability, flexibility and strength – but often find classes are lacking in intensity.

“While locating the key core muscles can take a while, I always think it’s a shame if an individual walks away from a class feeling like they haven’t worked.”

The classes use tubes, bands and core sliding discs to work all the major muscle groups and locate long-forgotten core muscles while minimising strain on the spine, hips or knees.

Laura said: “My regulars are both shocked and delighted at the results the core sliding discs achieve.

"I bring all the equipment, including a good playlist, so you just have to turn up with a bottle of water and a bit of willpower.”

Classes coat £10 and take place at 7-7.50pm on Tuesday evenings in the function room in Burrells Wharf Square, London E14 3TJ (off-street parking available).

Laura Williams: Pilates in the park

Following requests Laura has also launched a Wapping series of her outdoor Pilates in the Park classes, a joint venture with TowerHamletsMums.

They are held under a sycamore tree in King Edward Memorial Park with views of the river and children and babies are welcome.

The new sessions cost £8 per class and take place at 10am every Thursday morning in the Glamis Road park, E1W 3EQ.

To reserve a place for either class email laura@laurawilliamsonline.co.uk or visit her website .

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