Workouts have gone Underground at Canary Wharf as iHuman Fitness brings battle ropes and medicine balls to the Tube station.

The high intensity interval training studio at the foot of the escalators offers small group sessions throughout the week. Workouts include the likes of BOOM – a 30-minute high workout with options to target back and shoulders, core and legs, bum and core and plyometrics – or yoga.

We asked co-founder Mo El-Kadey for five reasons to try his business.

1. The personal touch

Sessions are for a maximum of five meaning the ratio of participants to instructor is low. It’s also good for a group of friends.

Mo said: “Instead of going to the gym, it’s half an hour you’re learning from a personal trainer.

“For a banker that’s running out of time and spending their day in front of a screen, the last thing they want is spending time in a gym doing just that.”

2. Timings

iHuman offers 15 classes a day catering for early risers at 6.30am to those who prefer post work sessions at 7pm.

Mo said: “If you’re taking a 45-minute lunch you can come for a workout then grab a coffee and sandwich, still feel like a human being and make the best of the whole day.

“You don’t finish it totally drained – classes are more about strength, so that’s engaging the core.

“You’re loading the muscle for a short period of time, resting for five seconds, then overloading them, which creates oxygen consumption.

“For the muscles to work hard you’ll be burning in the same way as a sprinter after training for six hours.”

3. Motivation

If you’re losing focus all you need is a glance at the motto-covered walls where you’ll read the likes of “Decide, Commit, Succeed” and “Boom It”.

Another of Mo’s favourites is “Work Hard, Play Hard and Rest Hard”.

4. Engagement

“We want fitness to be one bit of life – that’s how we want people to see it,” said Mo.

“It’s more sustainable that way and it becomes a habit. To start with our clients say: ‘I want to lose weight’. But after starting to train, weight loss becomes a by-product.

“It’s because after that the muscles become so efficient at burning fat.”

5. The future

The current studio next to Neal’s Yard Remedies could be the start of something bigger. Mo hopes to secure a further unit in the station with more space and scope to add changing facilities.

“It’s ideal for us now – it’s good for us to be around to show people what we are all about,” he said.

“The unit’s very exposed, yet it’s not right in front of you so everyone can look when you’re doing a downward facing dog.”

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Mo El Kadey has opened iHuman Fitness in Canary Wharf Underground Station.