Fitness fans can no longer get sweaty in Canary Wharf ’s Tube station.

High intensity interval training studio iHuman , housed in a unit at the foot of the escalators, has closed its doors after it fulfilled its contract.

Co-founder Mo El-Kadey led a fitness team which put Canary Wharf workers through their paces in 30-minute classes with different offshoots targeting back and shoulders, core and legs, bum and core and plyometrics.

During three months it secured more than 250 customers.

And Mo said he hoped to secure a new unit on the estate early next year.

“We found our offering fitted really well with people’s lifestyles here,” he said.

“I was looking to target young professionals that are tight on time and looking to achieve their fitness goals without spending too much money.

“The studio was really good exposure and it worked really well, so we hope to get back to Canary Wharf.”

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