"I love electric bikes,” said my friend the cycle trainer, who spends much of his life helping two-wheel newbies negotiate London’s more troublesome roundabouts. “They really get people into cycling.”

And so it came to pass. Having had a couple of recent tasters in Provence I decided to take up the offer of a loan from London Bridge-based producer Volt .

The Pulse, it turned out, was my gateway drug.

Whizzing along to work up the Thames Path was a joy. Minimal effort, fresh air and no sweat patches.

It cut 14 minutes off the walk, proved more enjoyable and still qualified as exercise.

As the two weeks progressed I found myself making excuses to go for a ride.

A brief rest from the saddle, crossing the Thames on the Thames Clippers Hilton ferry service

A trip to the shops here, an errand there, a lazy Saturday meandering up to Wapping.

None of my journeys significantly dented the battery, which can be set to assist at various levels allowing gentle progression to conventional riding; a helping hand where necessary.

There was only one problem. Having grown accustomed to its presence, in my life, I was in denial about its imminent departure.

In the end I couldn’t bear to part with it. I was impressed with its faultless performance as a commuter product, but seduced by its more playful side.

The only black mark in the whole affair was the weakness of the elastic strap set-up to the rear luggage carrier, which broke under my insistent stretching.

Suffice to say, my endorsement is simply I ended up buying it. Some things you just need in your life even if they are £1,500 .

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