New Year’s Eve often presents a sartorial challenge. No sooner have you admitted defeat on the turkey carcass when out comes your most unforgiving little black number.

What should be a straightforward, party outfit turns into a wardrobe nightmare.

So is there anything that can be done to help offset a month of over-eating?

A fitness session at the 11th hour is a big ask. But there are some tricks you can try that may better your chances of avoiding busting out of your tux.

There is a theory that a short, sharp burst of resistance exercise (think a few push ups, crunches and lunges) will pump blood to the surface, improving the appearance of any remaining muscle definition from your pre-Christmas efforts.

Even if this is stretching it, this small amount of exercise will still give you a bit of a glow so you’ll save on Beauty Flash Balm if nothing else.

And if that’s not enough to get you dusting off your yoga mat, check this out – a recent survey discovered 63% of men thought women who lift weights were more attractive than those who use the treadmill.

In addition, 74% said a woman using the squat rack was their favourite spectator exercise.

So, ladies, if coupledom (with Fred Flintstone) is on your agenda for 2016, ditch the tarmac and head to the bench press.

You are what you eat

With the limited fitness options tackled, it’s on to the consumables. A liquid diet (think juicing and shakes over more mulled wine) for a day or two before may help you shed a pound or two tops.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you could shed more – you won’t – the numbers don’t add up.

In addition drink coffee. Caffeine should sort out any water retention, thereby helping prevent the dreaded Black Tie Bloat.

Posture can make a difference too. Stand tall from the waist, pull your tum in and relax those shoulders while keeping chin parallel to the floor.

Try this in the mirror before you head out and remember to refresh it for photos.

After that, it’s all about letting your hair down, loosening your belt and forgetting those good intentions (for one night anyway)

Then come January 1 you can start your kale, cucumber, fitness cult and every other weird and wonderful fad research in earnest.

Our fitness guru – Isle of Dogs resident Laura – is a leading personal trainer and offers personal training sessions and classes in and around Canary Wharf via her website .