Personal trainer Paul Tomkins is perched on a swiss ball as he talks about Better Gym’s technological take on fitness.

He’s one half of the specialist workout team at the North Greenwich gym, which opened in January. And he has a passion for arm-pumping.

In contrast, colleague Claire Turner takes on weighty leg repetition exercises.

But both are enthusiastic about Boditrax – a body composition and activity tracker solely available in Greenwich.

Members answer a few simple questions and speedy measurements are taken before they step onto the machine and grab two handles. Electrical currents are sent through their heels and churn up a host of digital data measuring everything from BMI and basal metabolic rate to the masses of bone, muscle, water and fat in the body.

Then there’s metabolic age. Ideally, this should be as low as possible under your actual age.

“It’s a great tool,” said Paul. “I try to use it for clients once weekly as a tracker. You can set targets and goals – 80% of my clients want weight loss, fat loss and fat reduction.

“I’m getting some great results with gym goers.”

Bodytrax statistics are at the heart of personal training programmes for the next stage of Better Gym’s digital offering – the Technogym Mywellnesscloud key.

The fob opens everything from gates to the locker door but, most importantly, keeps a log of workouts, nutritional advice and programmes suggested by Paul following his four-minute fitness assessment and circuit work.

“Some people don’t know where to start when they come into the gym. Often, they just need a bit of help, and this is fantastic.

“I can send messages on there too, for instance congratulating a client on good work on their sit-ups. It just gives them a nice lift in the morning.”

Membership at Better Gym costs £58 per month.

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