Members at Limehouse Marina Elite are opting for something scientific to help banish their bulges.

Rather than relying on their jeans size, they’re having their genes scrutinised following the exclusive launch of Agenica’s Genetic Assessment for Health and Performance at the fitness centre. Simple cheek swabs are all that are needed for the two tests – performance and nutrition – that provide a host of statistics and feedback analysing enzymes, genes and their impact on the body.

LME’s personal training team, led by health and performance director Rob Smith, apply the results to clients’ workouts.

“It’s a wonderful piece of the puzzle coming to completion – it’s going to be the boundary-pusher for health and fitness and this test has the potential to lead the way,” said Rob, 35.

“It’s very much new technology. I know DNAFit has been out there for a year or so but it is our aftercare service in terms of more support and training programmes that makes us stand out.

“The test is only scratching the surface – the information needs to be used with other health assessments like BMI and it’s there as additional data to create a training programme.

“In the right hands it becomes powerful. Our trainers can interpret the information and use it to support people’s training goals.”

Rob said that if the test report indicated a propensity for power fitness, for example, but the member had a half marathon coming up, the gym would not simply argue for ditching sneakers in favour of the shotput.

Instead, their training would be altered accordingly to allow them to achieve the best run.

“We are working with the genes to improve,” said Rob. “It really is a great tool. We’ve been told to eat fruit and vegetables to help detox but some people will just sit on that information and not do anything about it – having it in front of them is very powerful.

“I’m someone in health and fitness who should know what they are doing but for whom it’s changed my thought processes and methods too.

“I’m always getting injured and, if I’d have known this 10 years ago, I would have created a pre-habilitation programme.

“I’m now having to be reactive, rather than proactive.”

The performance test will be complimentary for new members at LME, while the nutrition test will be free for those signing up to personal training programmes.

They can also be bought from the fitness centre’s shop.

The performance test costs around £99 while the nutrition test is priced around £120.

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