Free fitness classes in the heart of the Olympic host borough have been axed due to funding cuts.

Charismatic Tower Hamlets man Born Barikor put his stamp on post 2012 legacy by setting up Our Parks and organising varied, one-hour workouts across east London.

More than 2,000 flocked to East Village - a residential development at the former Athlete’s Village in Stratford - for everything from Run Fit to strength and conditioning.

But the 19 hours of weekly exercise will be slashed to just five due to funding changes made by donors Get Living London.

The East Village Crowdfunder has stumped up enough cash to continue classes for the next four weeks - but needs £4,000 to add five hours extra each week until the start of next year, bringing the total to 10.

“For us, it’s the impact on our Parkers and the cuts are very sad to see,” said Born.

“The classes have changed the community from people not knowing each other, because people are moving in who want to have the experience and the opportunity to meet their neighbours.

“I always say it’s not the emphasis on sport - Our Parks has changed the community, and it has made people fit and healthy as a result.”

Born has polled his members to see which classes are most popular.

He expects Yoga, Hula Hoop and Box Fit to come high on the list.

A spokesperson for Get Living London said: “We are committed to continuing our support for a programme of weekly core classes and Our Parks is currently confirming which are the most popular of the existing classes.

“With East Village’s own gym opening next week there will be further fitness options available to local residents and we understand that Our Parks is in conversation with other local stakeholders to extend support of the programme.”