In a game of Guess Who, you’d only have to say the words, bumbag, bright leotard and fat-blasting fitness and chances are you’d flip a card with the face of Mr Motivator.

Which is a pretty impressive recall considering the charismatic chap otherwise known as Derrick Evans began his TV career with workout slots on GMTV more than 20 years ago.

What’s more, the 63-year-old has been away from UK screens since moving back to his home country Jamaica focussing on inspirational speaking as well as eco-tourism resort H’Evans Scent and the PaintSplat paintball centre.

Thousands of fans still craving his fast-paced fitness have been hounding him to release the regimes on DVD after the demise of their video players - and that’s in the pipeline, too.

But away from the Lycra, legwarmers and sweltering, sunshine-soaked workouts, just who is the man behind those snazzy spectacles?

We get the lowdown on everything from filming workouts in the East End to his desire to get back on TV.

Welcome back! Tell us why now was the time to pour out your personal life into a book.

It deals with some pretty heavy subjects, like being given away as a child, bullying, divorce and a battle for custody of your kids.

On TV I was seen as a comedy someone, a person smiling away jumping around like an Easter Bunny with batteries in.

I’d impacted so many people with my fitness but noone really knew anything about Mr Motivator.

The reason I smile now is because of all the things I have been through and I think I needed to share that.

I’ve been through a lot of things that people go through in their lives and, the way the book is written, Mr Motivator is the voice of reason.

So if you’re going through something similar, it suggests ways to help someone.

I had to use him to say ‘guys, I’ve been through something similar’.

Tell us what’s at the heart of your workouts which broke onto the GMTV screens in 1993.

I’d spent 10 years watching Mad Lizzie and Green Goddess and all the while thought I could do better.

Motivator is just a fun time.

If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

I didn’t know that within me was this character that would take on that energy and put it into my own style.

It’s exercise in a fun, sugar sweet coating which is great for the palette.

Families used to put on the video and call the father into the room and he would sit their tapping his feet while the girl were there working out.

If we had more of that, we [as society] would be in a better place.

Mr Motivator

And with your TV stints came your impressive one-piece suits.

I had always worn Lycra and I used to buy off the peg but then I got someone to make them for me.

I’ve just got loads - I must have about 300 or 400.

I’ve been giving them away for years.

And I’ve got a great gay following too, they are my brothers, and they like the unitards so they might say ‘I’m doing gay pride in Manchester or I donate one for charity, but I’m always having a new one done.

Bright colours are me and, if I hadn’t worn those, you wouldn’t be speaking to me now.

It’s because I created a certain attitude - I always called myself the Motivator.

How you market yourself is critical.

Every person who had done fitness came in wearing a black pair of trousers and they were forgotten - there was no atmosphere around them.

You’ve got to create an image that people are going to like and it needs to be an evolving image

The character is important and makes the classes.

Everyone was asking me what’s inside my bum bag.

The bum bag came about because every time I wanted to do floor work the microphone was ticking into my back.

I thought ‘I need to find a way to get rid of this’ so if I made it smaller, the bum bag would become a holder for my microphone.

When you close the door after a long day, do you shut out the Mr Motivator persona, too?

Never! I love me so much, the level I love myself on a scale of 1-10 is 100.

Loving yourself is wonderful and you need to love yourself first.

I’ve had such a journey being me.

There’s no distinction between Mr Motivator and Derrick Evans and I would never want to be any different.

Mr Motivator

Some of your most well-known exercise videos were filmed in the East End weren’t they?

I did two videos in Docklands, I think they were Cardio Funk and Body Blitz.

I hated it.

The weather was freezing, it was very cold and we had a right time with it.

But I thought there was no way I can convince people there’s a warm feeling in a freezing environment so from then on, we did the videos in places like Jamaica.

Why are you so eager to be back on UK TV screens?

Mr Motivator is even more relevant now than in the nineties.

Then, I could impact upon people to think about being active, now there’s even more of a market to do that.

I’m fighting hard to get back on TV.

There’s a new market for me, which is great, for a similar way to how I impacted people in the 90s.

I’m a big kid out there - that’s why I don’t get older. You only get old when you stop being a kid.

And kids nowadays don’t see me as a threat.

I’m 63 and I’m proud of it - we need to get me back out on the street getting kids into fitness.

Your autobiography is called The Warm Up - so what else is coming next for Mr Motivator?

I’ve got a children’s book coming out later this year - I want to see families sitting down and reading to their kids and children to spend time reading.

It’s such a fascinating experience and it’s a wonderful time for families to bond.

Mr Motivator The Warm Up, Filament Publishing, Amazon, £14.99.