There are two secrets to intense and effective lunchtime workouts at Fitability – espresso shots and squeaky clean kit.

Clients arriving at the Westferry personal training studio are handed a cup of Union’s roasted organic blend before they sweat it out.

Directors Matt Johnson and Lisa Thompson lead the sessions, which include a 30-minute intense lunchtime option – where clients are left to warm up on their way.

“They come straight in, and hit it hard,” said Lisa.

But why neck the coffee first?

Matt said the benefits of caffeine on fitness sessions were well-known.

And with a recent buzz around high performance coffees such as Bulletproof (available in Crussh, Canada Place Mall) Fitability decided to embrace the trend.

Matt said: “The caffeine in the coffee enters the body, puts it through a workout and makes you feel more alert. It also increases concentration.

“It also slightly reduces your sensation of pain and your perception of how much the body can be challenged, so with the coffee, you’re able to push harder.

“If you’re short of time you want an intense workout and to push yourself a lot quicker and a lot harder.”

He said the substance also encouraged the body to burn fat as fuel for more instant results.

Once clients finish up, they can forget about their sweaty gym vests, too. Instead of cramming them into a heavy bag they can leave them to be freshly washed and dried within 48 hours ready for the next round of training.

Lisa said the studio’s free laundry service was particularly popular with male users – including Britain’s Got Talent boyband winners, Collabro.

“I’ve already told them I would put their sweaty underpants on eBay,” she said. “They find it super convenient as their schedule is manic. Generally it just makes things easier for our clients – we had a couple saying ‘Can I store my bag here?’, so it makes it nice and easy for them. We just want to give them good service.”

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