The Sports Medical Centre at luxury health facility Limehouse Marina Elite is set to launch its second phase of treatment offerings.

After opening its doors in summer 2015, the facility has focussed on therapeutic procedures such as physiotherapy, sports massage and acupuncture for both gym members, professional boxers and clients referred by insurance companies.

Dr Nagendra Kumar heads up the department and its team of practitioners and freelance consultants.

He revealed to The Wharf his plans to introduce services including orthotics and orthopedic consultations for his east London clients starting next month.

We got the lowdown.

Tell us about the idea behind Limehouse Marina Elite’s Sports Medical Centre

The idea of the centre was both to have the same vision and to complement the gym’s health and wellbeing and an excellence in providing the best services and medical care.

It’s really exciting to be here.

We first saw how the centre was going to evolve

And the convenience factor was the key reason of the location of the medical centre, with the gym and the boxing training and the fact they will be able to easily access it if they need it.

It’s part of the health and wellbeing family.

What can we expect in phase two?

There will be orthopedic consultations and they will focus on joints - if there’s an injury that requires medical intervention they will be able to have a consultation and injection on-site.

There’s orthotics, which are splint support devices, to protect and prevent injuries and there’s a scanner for the foot.

We all have variations in the arches of our feet and the shoe off the shelf might not suit specifics - these will provide shoes that are bespoke if you are running.

We are also interested in expanding shockwave therapy, which uses the vibrations of the shockwaves themselves.

If you have something like Achilles tendonitis it directly targets the specific area and seems to give a lot of relief.

Limehouse Marina Elite Sports Medical Centre

Who are your clients?

We have got clients with insurance and corporate companies but our main are a mix of gym member and referrals - for the physio it’s mainly from the insurance companies, for the osteopathy it’s insurance companies and the gym members and for the sports massage it’s the gym members.

We get a lot more members coming from the gym and they will want to look at the facility and appreciate it overall as a centre and what we offer.

Are they savvy when it comes to what treatments they need or want?

We have a mixed clientele - some have a very good understanding of how the body works and what they need to do .

They have done their background reading about sports medicine and they are inquisitive and will ask questions.

We have others and they are quite new so they don’t know what treatment type might be best for them.

So it’s about goal-setting.

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What are the in-demand treatments and ailments? Will it benefit everyone?

It’s physio and sports massage for the time being - the insurance companies send a lot of referrals for physio so the volume is high.

A sport massage will benefit the majority of clients.

It increases the blood flow to the regular cells and it re aligns the muscle fibres that have broken down.

Even if you’re not going to the gym, people tend to have some tightness and, generally, it will help.

When they tend to seek help is when they find the first symptoms - if you don’t have the symptoms, you’re not going to likely think of the treatment.

With regard to symptoms it’s back pain followed by shoulder pain.

They are some of the most common types of symptoms that develop following a sedentary desk based job.

But if you look at the City lifestyle, it’s stressful as well, and its not just the pressure of the desk it’s the level of stress as well which affects the muscles.

That’s why exercise is good as it will bring back the elasticity of the muscles.

That’s why the centre is located here - it’s the perfect fit.

Corporates in the City and Canary Wharf can make the most of this service more than anyone else.

Is it different treating say the professional boxers at Limehouse Marina Elite to those referred for physio for back pain?

You have to look at the body from a biomechanical point of view.

The concept and principals are the same, it’s just the rehabilitation time scale will be different.

Anyone wanting to get back into competitive sport will have to have a longer rehabilitation period.

We set goals with clients when they come in and talk about how they can be achieved.