There’s a new shame kid on the block – effort shaming. In its more obvious form, it can be found under hashtags such as #GoHardOrGoHome and #TrainInsaneOrRemainTheSame.

It might matter less if these pearls of wisdom were confined to the social media accounts of a few ill-informed fitness fanatics (or the Fast And Furious 7 soundtrack) but the appetite for a workout programme consisting solely of high intensity training appears to have grown across the wider fitness community.

Fuelled by the likes of the aggressively marketed Insanity programme, I’m concerned this approach is becoming normalised.

Don’t get me wrong. I get intensity. Anyone who’s earned their fitness stripes eats, sleeps and breathes overload.

However, encouraging the body to work harder on a regular basis is one thing – being of the mentality that if you’re not going flat out, you may as well not bother, is quite another.

And that’s before we get to the many merits of lower intensity exercise. Why waste time on the cross trainer when you could be doing burpees until you throw up?

Here’s the thing – I like the cross trainer and steady state cardio. They are a great way to build a good aerobic base and burn calories without burning out. And I’m not alone.

So I’m pleased that the major Wharf fitness players appear to navigate a wiser path through such extreme fitness messaging.

The likes of Virgin Active and Reebok Sports Club , seem focused on delivering a wide variety of classes and kit to weary, time-poor Canary Wharf workers.

This caters to a variety of fitness levels rather than creating savage-sounding sessions that make for a good press release. Smaller outfits such as Dockside Fitness also manage to provide tough, effective sessions minus the yelling and vomit.

Ultimately, the harsh message of #GoHardOrGoHome is most likely to appeal to those of your friends and colleagues who subscribe to similar dogmatic beliefs. For the rest of us it acts as a disincentive. Give me a workout ultimatum?

I’m more likely to go home, put my feet up and break open a packet of biscuits while I’m at it.

Our fitness guru – Isle of Dogs resident Laura – is a leading personal trainer and offers personal training sessions and classes in and around Canary Wharf via her website .