If you fancy mounting up yourself, the folk at Docklands Equestrian Centre has some advice for you.

Lessons start at £15 for adults (£10 for children) and 19-year-old instructor Sandy Loughlin said: “You can start with the half-hour beginner’s class to see if you want to take it up - then from there you can go on to group lessons or private lessons.

“When choosing a school make sure all the instructors are British Horse Society (BHS) qualified - like we have to be here.

Instructor Sandy Loughlin and 26-year-old Vogue

“Horse riding gives you a healthy body and healthy mind - getting outside can be hugely beneficial and you often get a great connection with the horses you ride.

"Exercise-wise it’s really good for your thighs and calves, but especially your core.”

But what about the fact you are getting on an animal which very much has it’s own mind and is considerably stronger than you are?

“Just make sure you get a good riding hat with a kite mark and certification code as well as making sure you have suitable clothes and shoes on,” Sandy said.

“The instructors will make sure you’re safe and you won’t be left on your own to start with.”

One of the horses getting some new treds

Group lessons are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 4.30pm and 8pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.

What else do they do there?

  • There’s a lot to do for little ones too, like £1 pony rides for ages three and up, horse riding birthday parties and private and group lessons.
  • Also the school is the south east branch for Riding For The Disabled and holds lessons throughout the week.
  • Children can own a pony for a day (which manager Jean Ryan said could be a great money saving way to get childcare) where children stay for half a day and look after their own pony - then have a riding lesson too - all for £35.

Docklands Equestrian Centre is a short walk from Beckton DLR and within five minutes walking distance from the 262 bus.

Go to docklandsequestriancentre.com.