City Antenatal, created by Emma Dewey, provides practical knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth and the post natal period.

Emma said: “We’ve set out to turn the traditional notion of antenatal classes on its head by helping parents to prepare for after the birth as well, which usually encompasses the most stressful weeks of the whole experience.”

The classes will feature expertise from a range of antenatal and postnatal experts, including midwives, lactation consultants, sleep specialists, obstetricians, nutritionists and reflexologists. In the introductory first session midwife and lactation consultant Beth Graham is joined by expert nutritionist Anna Firth and former Olympian and personal trainer Linda Hedenstrom.

Among the topics covered throughout the course are feeding the baby during the first week, what to expect and the practicalities of breastfeeding for mum, coping with sleep deprivation and identifying signs of post natal depression.

For mums seeking extra help, City Antenatal has partnered with Babyem, which provides maternity nurses, night nannies and au pairs.

Emma said: “I wanted to make sure that during our classes we give people the right information, from the very best people so they can make the best decisions for them.

“We believe this makes the addition of Babyem a perfect fit for confident, intelligent working women who want to prepare in a way that suits them.”

A six-week course costs £475, with a new class beginning on April 26 at 40 Bank Street. Classes include female-only lunchtime sessions and evening classes that welcome partners too.

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