Chritmas may be over but almost half of Canary Wharf locals remain on the ‘naughty’ list when it comes to taking care of their bodies, according to research by Bupa Health Clinics

The health provider says 42% of us ignore signs our body needs a rest, because we’re concerned about missing out. It blames the ‘always on’ culture for driving us to put pressure on ourselves professionally or socially nearly twice a week, even when we feel unwell or tired.

The survey also found a third of us regularly ignore signs we’re playing or working too hard and 54% push symptoms aside occasionally.

Powering through is the method 40% of us use to deal with stress and 20% have worried about an ailment but not got it checked.

In contrast if we saw a friend looking or behaving a little off-colour, 54% of us said we’d check if they were okay, 37% would suggest seeing a doctor and 43% would advise making time to relax.

Bupa UK’s Health and Dental Clinics director Philip Luce said: “When it comes to our bodies, we ignore signs that something is wrong and regularly push ourselves into something we don’t feel like doing.

“The most surprising finding in our report is 34% of locals admit they have a bad relationship with their body. But despite being aware of poor habits, the vast majority still take good health for granted.

“The fear of missing out on something great came through as a major influence. Concerns that skipping a work function could affect promotion, or staying in could result in missing the best night out in history, means we’re not giving our bodies the break they need.”

Bupa is trying to combat this attitude, and the fact only 23% of locals invest time making sure their body is well looked after, with its Guide to being Best of Bods.

Philip said: “Think about your relationship with your body as a bank account; if you keep making withdrawals and don’t make any deposits, at some point, your bank account will be overdrawn.

“The risk of not making any deposits - not making time to check in with your body - is that something may be doing damage without causing symptoms. Examples are things like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which can quietly damage the body’s organs and increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes without causing any symptoms early on.”

Bupa offers health assessments that give the body a full MOT, looking at a variety of factors including fitness, weight, musculoskeletal, blood sugar, liver function and more. Prices start at £176.

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