Can Slush Puppy-style drinks and Snickers milkshakes really be healthy?

Personal trainer Carli Wheatley believes they can, with her latest venture offering a chocolate bar-themed protein drink that contains just 187 calories.

Protein Haus, housed in a hut in Reuters Plaza, will serve up nutritional energy drinks, shakes and green juices.

Customers will find the fitness-focussed, protein-packed menu is inspired by the Reebok Sports Club’s instructor’s guilty pleasures.

“Slush Puppies are the only thing I go to the cinema for,” she said.

“There are a lot of juice and fruit places around here but we are focussed on low-carb, weight loss and protein – it’s almost like people are ashamed to say they want low-carb food, but everybody does.

“With Protein Snickers everyone likes ingredients that taste nice and things that are a bit naughty.

“I’m doing a healthy version of what’s naughty that people can enjoy guilt-free.”

Protein Haus also stocks a range of meals – all under 350 calories – from 11am to 2.30pm.

A further permanent Protein Haus hut will soon be installed in a Canary Wharf mall, with the brand’s name replacing Carli’s previous business venture, Healthful Method.

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Carli Wheatley