Fancy sticking a needle in your arm for a pick-me-up?

Esther Fieldgrass is hoping Canary Wharf workers will do just that after bringing her intravenous vitamin and mineral treatments to east London.

Her fourth EF Medispa Drip And Chill lounge is set to launch in South Quay in August.

She started her health clinic brand in west London nine years ago.

Three years later, bespoke blends of intravenous therapies were introduced with treatments lasting anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes.

The new base in Admirals Way will target a time-pressed, City and Wharf clientele who struggle to travel to her Kensington, Chelsea and St John’s Wood branches.

“We are making people responsible for their own health and helping them go one step better,” she said.

“They are just run down, they feel tired and need a boost – we do a mineral boost to bring them back up.

“City workers and Canary Wharfers are working long hours with a tremendous amount of stress.

“We are helping boost their immune systems and bringing them back on target, so they can manage the high pressure.

“We’ve created the lounge so they can come at any point in the day.

“If four guys want to come in and have the drips they can be sitting around the table and have their iPhones and tablets plugged in – and it’s generating team building.”

The most common blends – which feed into the bloodstream via a drip – contain vitamin C, magnesium and antioxidant zinc.

Copper is supposed to boost the immune system while L-Arginine coupled with L-Carnitine is a combination found in treatments designed to enhance sex drive.

Others also focus on diet and detox, athletic performance, rejuvenation and battling the ageing that stresses and strains can cause.

Esther denies the treatments are only beneficial for those who over-indulge in alcohol.

“It’s not just about that – they are focussed on different areas of health,” she said.

“If you look at the vitamins and minerals available we can use the blends for different types of things and they are intended to provide nutrients needed to sustain the body.

“It’s not a case of having one drip, it’s usually a course and once you start, you are maintaining your health.

“It’s not a flash in the pan treatment, it’s been something that has been going for many years.

“It just takes time for people to catch up with it.

“Once they begin to understand how it works and the benefits for them they will go for it.”

Prices range from £500 to £700 depending on the treatment.

Go to or Intelligent Healthcare in Admirals Way, South Quay for more information.