According to dance teacher Greg Gillespie anyone can dance: “it’s just walking and counting.”

You tell that to my fiance’s feet, I think, chuckling to myself on the way to The London Academy of Dance for some of their pre-wedding dance lessons.

While I’m not a brilliant dancer, I’ve always had a little rhythm and an interest in it.

My fiance however, is “just not that into music”. The last time we went for a dance lesson, it was like doing the cha cha with Brickman from X-Men .

I know - I sound awful! But surely honesty is the best policy if he’s going to be waltzing around in front of 100 of our loved ones on our wedding day? So of – we arrive at Reebok Sports Club ready for our lesson.

“We have a lot of people coming in ahead of their weddings,” Greg says.

Teaching: The London Academy of Dance's principal Greg Gillespie

“I really believe if they aren’t able to even do a simple routine by the end of an hour’s lesson, that is down to the teacher, not the student.”

So we start, and Greg asks my fiance what he knows about dancing, to which he replies: “Rachel and her mum are very cruel when they get together.”

Oh dear.

Greg’s approach worked though and we manage to get round the floor pretty well, using a simple four step routine to get us started.

The analogies he uses include “think of it like driving a car” and “you have to remember – be selfish”. Odd out of context, but surprisingly effective.

Classes: If couples are looking for some morale support they could try out group lessons

And my fiance’s verdict? Great. He’d happily go for a second lesson. Job done.

As for The London Academy of Dance, Greg is looking to open a second school in the capital after his one-man operation, which he started in 2005, has grown to have more than 1,000 students on its books.

He said: “Dancing is pure escapism and people feel empowered when they dance.

“There can’t be many dance schools like us where you’ve got City bankers, on six and seven figure salaries, working their day off doing the cha, cha, cha.”

The London Academy of Dance, The Reebok Sports Club, Canada Place, 30-minute taster lessons are free, with one hour lessons after that starting at £67.