The January guilt is about to kick in thanks to all those hours spent languishing in front of an open fire scoffing every sugar snack proffered.

But before you launch into a frenzy of riverside running, power lifting and rooftop Pilates you might want to consider a visit to the Bupa Health and Dental Centre.

Even Jeremy Clarkson wouldn’t start a grand tour without checking over his DB9, so why rag your body around Canary Wharf without first making sure you aren’t about to blow a gasket?

The centre in Crossrail Place offers a range of health assessments, tailored to fit your gender, age and individual concerns. The creme de la creme is the Health Peak, a two and a half hour session with a health advisor and doctor.

Designed to identify key health risks and offer advice for getting fitter and healthier, it gives you most results on the day. But what's involved?

It starts with a 30-minute online questionnaire detailing drinking habits, existing health problems and stress levels. Then it’s over to the Crossrail and into your gym kit. Make sure you follow the advice to arrive well hydrated as first up is a urine sample, swiftly followed by readings of your weight and height by a health advisor.

Then it is time for a lie-down and the removal of your right sock. Small pads will be placed along your body and an electrical pulse used to measure your body fat percentage. It sounds terrifying but you will feel nothing. It’s actually quite relaxing to lie quietly for five minutes as the “gold standard” blood pressure check is done, with readings taken from both arms three times.

Your reverie may be pricked slightly by the arrival of the needle to take your blood. And then you will have to whip off your top for the ECG pads to be applied so your resting heart function can be checked.

You can then choose between a musculoskeletal or hearing assessment before being given a run-down of your results so far, including your triglyceride level (high levels can lead to a heart attack) chances of developing diabetes, your ratio of good and bad cholesterol and advice on what you can do and eat to improve your BMI, blood pressure or other issues.

Primary care doctor, Dr Rebecca Morgan

It’s then time to meet the doctor (Dr Rebecca Morgan in my case) who will talk through your ECG results and your questionnaire, assessing you for any mental health, stress or anxiety concerns and advising how best to cope with them.

After all that chatting it is time for a well-earned lie down to test your reflexes and, if you have raised any physical issues such as headaches, physicals checks for anything abnormal. Woman can also expect a breast check and smear if necessary.

The doctor may recommend further testing such as a full blood work up and the results of this can take a few days.

You’ll then be handed back to the health advisor for the final, and possibly most gruelling, lap. The fitness test.

The first challenge is to fit the large mouthpiece between your lips for a lung capacity test. it is kept in place for a ride on a stationary bike to test your heart rate and them removed for a strength test.

You will be talked through your fat burning ability and more but all your results from the assessment and conclusions about your health will be emailed to you on a secure link later that day.

The experience was thorough, clear and left me buoyed to be found strong with excellent hearing. Areas I needed to work on were also clearly identified.

Bupa assessment start at £176 for the 60-minute Health Core and go up to £821 for the two and a half hour Health Peak. All customers get a follow up call six and 12 weeks later if they choose and access to app Bupa Boost and the 24/7 advice telephone service Anytime HeathLine.

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