Bragging about costly hobbies isn't limited to the internet, but it's online where people get the chance to embrace the cringe-worthy language of: #hero, #inspiration, and Yolo (You Only Live Once).

Frankly, no-one over the age of 19 should use that acronym without irony and safety goggles.

And certainly not in regard to any picture of them wearing Lycra.

Welcome to the new language of boasting we have to accompany our extreme sports, our gap years, and our handheld recording devices.

"Achievement Unlocked" is a particularly irritating example. Reminiscent of computer game terminology, it complements the gaming trickster term "life hack" that is now used for any online article about efficiency.

These phrases imply there is a way to cheat and to win, which conversely means there must be a way to lose. Users of this jargon are saying that merely taking action makes them a winner.

But it is not inspirational to be able to afford to fly to New Zealand and jump off a bridge tied to a piece of elastic.

Truly inspiring people overcome something, and that doesn't include an economy class flight to Australasia.

Inspiration is not found in those who choose to hit the gym so they can take part in the latest trendy triathlon. Inspiration is found in the person that is depressed/grieving/chronically ill/disabled who manages to get out of bed in the morning.

There is your Achievement Unlocked. There is your hero. Yolo? Do it with some class.

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