Bikram Yoga London has launched Hot Power Flow.

The 60-minute session will be led by new instructor Andy Black every Friday from 7.15pm.

It shaves half an hour from the standard class time and focusses more on the fitness-based aspects of yoga practise.

The heat dial has also turned down a couple of notches from the standard 40 degrees to 35degrees.

Organisers at the South Quay studio have promised a “challenging and fun” workout which is dynamic, powerful, intense and fast-paced.

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It also focuses on cardiovascular exercises to boost fat-burn, develop muscle strength and agility which should then increase strength and agility.

It’s an exercise for the mind too, helping to promote calmness.

Studio owner Conny Chitnis wrote: “Andy’s powerful and humorous style, his passion for yoga and personalised attention for every student instantly won us over during his audition class - he fits right in with our outstanding BYL teacher team.

“Andy used to tour the world for years with his band before he found his calling and decided to bring his love for yoga to others. Come and try his class.”