Fancy some cosmetic surgery for Christmas?

Then your luck could be in, as Beyond Beauty Cosmetic has chosen Canary Wharf as the location for its second London clinic.

Facilities for both cosmetic procedures and post-operation consultations, as well as dermatology and non invasive treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers and Obagi will be housed inside LycaHealth , in Westferry Circus.

The Beyond Beauty Cosmetic team will be led by nurse and skincare specialist, Lindsey Silker, and expert surgeon Mr Miles Berry was available for any cosmetic surgery enquiries.

The brand said it was “delighted” to work alongside the diagnostic and treatment centre opened by Mayor of London Boris Johnson in November.

It added appointments would be undertaken in comfortable, relaxed surroundings and at times tailored to suit Canary Wharf workers and their busy lifestyles.

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