A fresh form of outdoor exercise has arrived at Powerleague Shoreditch - and this time it’s not all about footballs and goal posts.

The al fresco timetable combines sweat and summer with more than 30 sessions including strength and conditioning, bootcamps, tabata and Insanity Live.

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Kettlebells, Olympic weight platforms and rubber tyres have been thrown into the mix courtesy of Andy Milne’s Basefit.

We get the lowdown from the 37-year-old director.

What’s Basefit all about?

It’s a merger of studio tabata (interval training), an outdoor bootcamp and crossfit-style exercises.

Why should we try it?

People are moving towards outdoor training.

The best thing about Basefit is the location and variety of exercises and equipment we have.

The beauty of outdoor training it's all about the natural elements - it’s so much nicer to be in natural light with fresh air – there’s so much more space as well.

When you’re doing crunches you’re not looking at the ceiling, you’re looking at the sky.

The most popular class?

It’s a dead heat between the 7am bootcamp and lunchtime's 20-minute tabata.

Speedy tabata sessions sound good for us busy bees ...

Yes, it’s five exercises that are repeated eight times for 20 seconds, with a 10 second break in between each one.

We reduce the rest periods so it becomes more intense.

It’s interval training - everything we do is high intensity interval training-based - and Wharfers can come, do a 20-minute workout, have a shower and have half an hour left for lunch.

The calorie burn lasts up to the next three hours. That's in contrast to a one-hour bootcamp where it lasts one and a half hours.

Tell us about your favourite Basefit class?

It’s bar work, strength and conditioning and Olympic lifting - I love teaching it and I love doing it.

My background is in martial arts and I love the movement and it gives your core stability.

It’s all functional stuff - you’re lifting Olympic weights or pulling a sledge or pushing a 50kg tyre.

It’s all about lifting, pushing and pulling and moving your body how it’s designed to move.

And the ORC Muddy Race class?

There’s nothing in the gym market to cater for preparing for outdoor obstacle courses - this is a one off in that respect

We’re giving people the strengths and functionalities to battle types of obstacles or exercise they will get in tough mudda obstacle course.

Who is part of the Basefit crew?

We’ve got a real mix of abilities.

We’ve got male and female athletes who train hard and twice a day, they go at it hammer and tongs.

And we’ve got newbies that have never exercised before in their lives and they’re loving it.

They’re definitely not intimidated and it’s a very personal service.

Around 80% are women and they love the Olympic lifting, I don’t know what it is about it, they just do.