Barry’s Bootcamp has arrived in the City with its signature high-energy workout complete with flashing lights and dance tunes.

We get the lowdown on combining style with sweat and learn about the studio in Moorgate which even lends you Nike running shoes if you’ve left your kit at home.

What’s going on?

Barry’s East is sleek, super stylish and crammed with designer pamper products. It is the second London home for the LA bootcamp workout after Barry’s Central, in Euston, secured a loyal following.

Weekday sessions pinpoint specific areas like abs, arms and legs, while Saturdays and Sundays are dedicated to toning the entire body.

All are led by Barry’s established trainers with prices varying from £14 to £20 depending on the package.

Who comes here?

Office workers plumping for speedy, calorie torching bursts of high intensity interval training.

Classes run from 6am to 9pm Monday to Friday. If you find yourself suddenly free during the day – don’t fear. The studio lends three styles of Nike sneakers to those who have forgotten their gear.

Barry's Bootcamp London East

What happens?

Classes last an hour and instructor Ollie Lee believes it’s “the hardest workout in the world”. The action switches between treadmill stints on cutting-edge Woodway machines to floor-based exercises using weights, body strength and mats. Music will pump out and the lights will be switched to scarlet to set the mood.

They say

Ollie said: “When you cross the line into the studio you commit yourself to our world. You’re going to come in for hard work and I am going to fill you with my energy, so you’re going to leave saying ‘I am ready’.

“It’s the most invigorating workout. Anyone can teach someone to do a press-up but Barry’s is about doing it and feeling it when you leave – we want you to carry that with you for the rest of the day.”

We say

Ollie calls Barry’s bootcamp fans a cult – and he’s not wrong.

A sense of community hits you when you walk through the door. Whether it’s the smiling faces of the reception crew or the high fives from instructor Ollie, you’re geed up for the session before you even enter the studio.

The hour-long class doesn’t disappoint. It’s hard work, but it’s fun.

Because you’re switching from five-minute runs to abs aching exercises and dumbbell repeats, the variety keeps you entertained through the pain.

“You’re working it like a boss,” booms Ollie over the dance music. Beats a solitary hour-long stint on the crosstrainer any day.

It might be pricier than your average gym class but it’s worth it.

Anything else?

All worked out? Replace those electrolytes and nutrients with one of Barry’s shakes at the smoothie bar. Feeling fashionable? Grab a Barry’s-emblazoned snap back, sports bra or vest and become a real part of the crew.

Barry's Bootcamp London East