Gearing up for spin class? Ordinarily you’d lace up your trainers and head for the bike.

Super swish participants might don a pair of clip-on shoes.

But what’s the dress code for aquAllure – a splashy, soggy bike-based session in the pleasantly warm Crowne Plaza London Docklands pool?

Flip flops? 1990s Jelly shoes? No, just your swim stuff. While similar sessions in the capital require accessories this is a barefoot workout.

The timetable offers an early-bird session every Friday at 7am, while those fond of a post-work class can opt for Tuesdays at 7pm.

Options include a routine tailored to weight loss as well as a workout to boost energy levels. Ramping up resistance with a gear change is replaced with the sheer weight of the water – 12 times more difficult than spinning on land.

But its supportive qualities mean you can work out hard without worrying about pressure on your knees or other problematic joints – you’ll feel the burn in your thighs while the water cools you down.

Carrying the bike into the pool is a little surreal as is pedalling with your lower half immersed in the waves.

But these 45-minute, instructor-led sessions combine the fun parts of spinning – like pedalling in time to music – with exercise that feels a little less fierce on the muscles. You don’t have the faff of turning the bike dial while trying to juggle your energy drink, either.

It is intense than a gym spin, but its creators claim you’ll burn up to 800 calories in one stint, nevertheless.

For those looking for a low-impact exercise on their cardio days, or beginners craving a fun introduction to static cycling, this is ideal.

Even better, Crowne Plaza has hotel has also partnered up with class sponsors and nutrition brand PhD Woman to provide a tasty post-session snack tailored to their workout.

PhD woman sponsored aquAllure classes will take place weekly at the Quad Health Club And Spa in Crowne Plaza London Docklands. Classes cost £20 each with packages available.