Bike-based fitness is taking the lead at Reebok Sports Club with some significant developments.

The spinning studio has been spruced up with a snazzy new lighting system in the roof and floor, while beats will pump from a DJ mixing unit during sessions.

There's also a smart cycling My Ride system that's gone live, incorporated on a fresh timetable at the gym.

But it’s not all about sweating it out in the new studio - why not opt for some gentle splashing instead, and an Aqua Fit cycling session?

The workout - complete with water-resistant gadgetry - should improve fitness and prevent injuries, according to group exercise manager Tanya Camilleri. We grill her about switching gears underwater.

Tell us all about Aqua Fit

It combines high intensity cycling with circuit training, making the most of the water resistance.

The classes - suitable for all levels - encourage muscle growth, improve fitness and prevent joint injuries.

Whether you want to transform your body, rehabilitate an injury or train intensively, Aqua Fit Cycling is right for you.

Will it be similar to a spinning session?

The session is quite similar - the major difference and added benefit is that you have a full body workout.

Due to the supporting property of the water, you will be able to work on your upper body, with exercises such as dips, push ups and sit ups.

What fitness benefits does it offer?

The classes are suitable for everyone looking for a great, refreshing workout. But they can also help participants who are just recovering from injury.

This is because the main benefits of Aqua Fit are high Intensity and low impact and weight is reduced by 80% underwater.

Any other fitness thumbs-ups?

It helps facilitate weight loss as you can burn up to 800kcal per hour.

Constant lymphatic massage from the water breaks down fat and reduce cellulite and also improve circulation.

Why bring the concept to Reebok?

Reebok has a history of taking fitness to the next level by bringing innovative, challenging and still enjoyable fitness concept.

Cycling is very popular amongst members, however aqua cycling is still unknown to the public.

It has however shown immense success in European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and recently launched in America.

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