May is National Walking Month, apparently, but why stick to drab old strolling?

We suggest giving Nordic Walking in Canary Wharf a try with Tug Wilson and his team.

But before you rush off to grab your poles and get that heart pumping, Nordic Walking UK expert Gill Stewart offers some tips to get your ready for the workout.

1. Comfort is key

Prepare your body well with a gentle warm up and make sure you are dressed for the outdoors, paying special attention to your footwear.

Lightweight, flexible soled trainers are best.

2. Know your limits

You would not take up swimming and attempt the channel on day one, so if you have not walked over a mile in a long time it’s best to not attempt five straight off.

Listen to your body and build up mileage gradually, taking time to monitor how you feel at every stage.

3. Measure, Record and Increase

You can choose to measure steps, speed or distance or even how far you manage on a certain route.

Whatever you choose to count you must record it to add progression to your walks.

If time is limited, pay more attention to increasing speed and difficulty.

4. Walk effectively

Take time to ensure you start out with good posture

Walk naturally swinging your arms further behind you than normal.

As you stride forward allow the lead foot to touch the ground at the heel. Try not to clench your fists or take vigorous steps

If you feel compelled to lean forward or rock your upper body, slow down and adjust

5. Add some oomph

If weight loss is your goal, it helps to add some resistance work.

Weight training builds lean muscle tissue, which helps with toning but also increases your body’s ability to utilise calories effectively.

6. Join a walking group.

Ideally one with a qualified instructor who will push you harder and add the elements above without you even realising.

To arrange a Nordic Walking class call Tug Wilson on 07932 879 786 or email

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