LycaHealth chose Canary Wharf as the location for its first diagnostic and treatment centre.

The state-of-the-art clinic was launched by Mayor of London Boris Johnson in November and offers assessments covering men and women’s health, cardiac and weight care.

Each two-stage consultation is customised to the individual.

First up is a lifestyle review and blood/radiological tests followed by discussion of results and recommendations by a doctor.

A spokesperson aid: “This two stage approach is designed so as not to take up too much time from our clients, who we recognise are busy people.

“The health assessments include a comprehensive health questionnaire, full cardiac work up, blood parameter screening, assessments of the heart, lungs and metabolism as well as anything specifically our clients need us to cover. The assessments are built to cater to our client’s personal needs. At our Canary Wharf clinic we have some of the latest and best imaging and diagnostic equipment in the world today and we utilise this in our assessments.”

They pinpointed six main benefits to the assessments, featured below.

1. Wellness Levels: Provides a snapshot of your current health status. It provides information to reduce health risks by lifestyle changes and its monitoring overtime.

2. Cardiac fitness: Cardiac risk calculation and advice to keep certain biomarkers such as cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure under control. This may also prevent or manage other health problems including diabetes, depression, arthritis and cancer.

3.Weight care: Review by an obesity surgeon to help take control of weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can help in a various ways including improving fitness, career and wallet too.

4. Mood improvement: Healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Lifestyle changes based on the LycaHealth assessment leading to appropriate physical activity can release chemicals in brain leaving clients feel happy and healthy.

5. Highest quality care: LycaHealth use the latest digital technology to reduce false positive diagnosis and undue anxiety for our clients.

6. A future of positive health and support: Discussion on further care depending on the assessment and results is offered with clients being in control throughout the health assessment.

Article supplied by LycaHealth