Of course I’m backing England manager Roy Hodgson and his boys to go all the way. Just as the tense, perspiring supporters that fill every pub in Canary Wharf for each match hang on every twitch of a boot, I’m praying for victory.

But let’s face it, Jamie Vardy, Daniel Sturridge, Wayne Rooney and co will likely be on a plane back from France sooner rather than later.

We don’t have a great record in the Euros, but every dark cloud has a silver lining and an England exit could do wonders for your health. Here’s five reasons why.

1. You won’t consume hundreds of calories per game

If you can shun even half of the remaining games you’ll save yourself hundreds of empty calories.

A single slice of American Hot pizza washed down with just one can of Stella contains an eye watering 400 calories. You’d need to run a challenging four miles to burn that off.

If you can’t bear to forgo the rest of the tournament, at least update your TV snacks. Go for 2016’s version of the Kettle Chip – the edamame bean – and substitute Carlsberg for artesian water.

2. Your usual routine will come back sooner

One study found that four weeks of inactivity resulted in a 20% decrease in participants’ V02 max (aerobic capacity).

You may have proved yourself to be a fickle friend to the gym floor over the last seven days but you can remedy that at any time.

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Just 90 minutes not spent in front of the telly is time that could be spent, well, on the gym floor.

But if you’re still chasing the elusive footie/fitness balance, try a living room workout. Google "7 minute workout" for the ultimate win-win scenario .

Roar of defiance: But will Daniel Sturridge's passion be enough to carry England through?

3. Your nerves will thank you for it

Penalties can have further reaching consequences than wounded national pride. On June 30, 1998, the fateful day England lost to Argentina on penalties, heart attacks rose by 25%.

If you can’t prise yourself away from the telly, avoid overdoing both food and drink, practise plenty of deep breathing and squeeze in some mindfulness at half time.

4. An England exit is the perfect opportunity to discover contact sports

When it comes to venting your post-tournament rage, instead of snapping at your bewildered other half or picking a fight in the supermarket, why not discover the beauty of contact sports?

Think about building a small team of equally disgruntled work colleagues with whom you can head out to explore the delights of rugby tackles and boxing drills.

5. Make the most of an empty gym

The gym will still be relatively empty, trust me.

But you could prove yourself superior to your fellow mourners by taking your football fury to the gym – make that Hodgson Hangover work for you.

Crank up the treadmill speed, lift heavier and harder than ever before, become a CrossFit kid.

And don’t worry if you’re sobbing into your protein shake as you bash out those reps – just remember to rehydrate more effectively.

Our fitness guru – Isle of Dogs resident Laura – is a leading personal trainer and offers personal training sessions and classes in and around Canary Wharf via her website .

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