If you’re feeling solitary in your struggle to bag Mr or Mrs Right, chances are you’re not alone.

Finding ‘the one’ in Canary Wharf might feel an impossible fit in a lifestyle filled with fast-paced weeks, client events and unsociable working hours.

But finding your perfect other half could prove positive for your mental, physical and emotional health according to counsellor Owen Redahan .

The West India Quay -based therapist said: “For some, especially around St Valentines Day, finding the one may seem impossible.

“Perhaps you have had numerous relationships that didn’t last very long or the people you date only seem to want sex.

“With a positive ‘I can’ attitude, you can change all of this.

“If you do find that someone, the benefits are great.

“In my experience of working with couples relationships are never perfect but the benefits are huge.

“If you meet the one then the work involved in nurturing the relationship is well worth it.”

He has put together his five top tips to help east Londoners find ‘the one’ - and how to try to keep them.

1. Forget about the past

He said: Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

If you have dated a number of people before and not found the one, then accept it’s OK.

Don’t let it make you feel that you will never find someone.

Learn from pat relationships - remember if you have been in a relationship, you were able to find someone, but just not the right one.

2. Live life

He said: “Focus on being yourself and meeting people - by keeping yourself happy it will make you a more interesting person.

Then when you aren’t expecting it the right one will appear.

Why not volunteer at a club or organisation or go to classes or join a club.

By doing this you are more likely to find someone with similar interests which can be the foundation of a strong relationship.

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3. Slow things down

He said: “ If you want a long term relationship don’t let this enjoyable excitement shade your thoughts about the person.

Take your time to get to know them and maybe delay being too physical for a bit.

First impressions aren’t always right, especially if you really fancy the person.

Counsellor Owen Redahan, West India Quay

4 Be honest about yourself

This can be frightening.

Yes, you may want to make a good impression but in the end your real self will be found out.

Trust is key to a lasting relationship.

If you, or they, find reasons to suspect the other person is lying then maybe they aren’t the one for you.

5. Look after your new relationship

Successful relationships require time, trust and work.

Not all relationships run smoothly but focussing on sorting things out is key.

Avoid too much texting and emails and meet with each other.

Face to face communication is best - electronic can help when you’re apart, but can often be misunderstood.