I went along to Sweatlife at Wapping's Tobacco Dock on Saturday, July 30, in my capacity as The Wharf's fitness guru. Here are my top five picks from the event.

1. Neat Nutrition

Lee Forster and Charlie Turner, both former international swimmers, founded Neat after deciding there was a gap in the market for some really pure protein product.

Offering a protein range made with only natural flavourings and sweeteners, I have to admit my Pretty In Pink smoothie was unbelievable. (And I take some winning round when it comes to smoothies and shakes).

Founder Charlie has this advice for busy Canary Wharf workers wondering whether to head down the protein supplement route:

Including protein with breakfast will help to stave off that mid-morning crash more than a croissant. Ditto the mid-afternoon Kit-Kat craving.

Shakes can be simple and very quick – think a handful of berries with a scoop of protein powder and a cup of coconut milk.

Additional, easy-to-digest protein is a good idea for helping your muscles and the body in general to recover and replenish after a 45-60 minute workout.

2. Heartcore TRX

Heartcore TRX classes blend suspension with classic moves

Forty five minutes of suspension training is a big ask. So I find anyway.

That’s why the Heartcore TRX class format works – you try the toughest, most effective TRX moves but you get to switch it up and focus on other non-TRX exercises.

The non-TRX exercises don’t seem any easier, mind – quite the reverse - but variety seems to dilute pain, albeit temporarily.

3. Jody Shield’s Life Tonic

Wellbeing guru Jody Shield

I enjoyed listening to alternative therapist and meditation guru, Jody . She spoke good, sound sense on ‘do-able’ meditation, making what can feel like a worthy pursuit a bit more accessible and appealing. Jody’s take-home tips were:

Try tapping. A commonly used practice in the treatment of stress and anxiety, gently tapping collarbone (there are other tapping points, too) can help to relieve anxiety. Try this when you’re stressed or if you’re just trying to talk yourself into five minutes of meditation.

Strip it back. Struggling to do downtime? Keep your routine low maintenance. Commit to a scented salt bath, five minutes of deep, yoga-style breathing or 10 minutes of meditation.

Allow your negative thoughts to rise to the surface. You need to recognise the feelings these thoughts provoke in order to replace with more positive affirmations.

4. F45

F45 combines a number of exercises

The Australian F45 ( Functional 45 ) workout looks scary at first glance but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll discover a tough, HIIT-style workout perfect for the time-poor, that leaves class-goers sporting large grins.

The session lasts 45 minutes and each exercise burst, consisting of skipping, sprinting and lifting, lasts, well, 45 seconds.

The Sweatlife version included a live DJ, plenty of shouting and more sweat than a Bikram bonanza. Great stuff.

5. Lovely Lululemon gear

A thong from Lovely Lululemon

The iconic Canadian sportswear brand has really taken off here in Blighty. The Sweatlife range included a lot of blue, as well as the new men’s range, which seemed to appeal to Lulu’s loyal fanbase with the kit flying off the shelves.

Possibly not for those on a budget – for example, a ladies Namastay Thong, pictured, goes for £12 while a man’s 5 Year Basic V t-shirt is priced at £45 (£9 a year, can’t complain, I suppose), it’s maybe one to save for payday.

Our fitness guru – Isle of Dogs resident Laura – is a leading personal trainer and offers personal training sessions and classes in and around Canary Wharf via her website .

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