An active winter spent skiing the slopes or braving the chill for an early-morning run can take its toll on your muscles.

Experts at Canary Wharf 's Pure Sports Medicine suggest a six-week prep routine to make sure you're in shape for a fitness-focussed winter break away from east London.

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Here are three things to pack in your case to ease any unwanted sprains, bruises and muscle-ache.

1. Trion:Z Ultra Loop

Magnetic technology in the brand’s latest wrist strap incorporates polarised pods with ANSPO technology.

This means there is a wider magnetic field - courtesy of four, 1,000 gauss magnets - to improve results for those suffering muscle discomfort, inflammation and poor blood circulation.

It’s founders claim the negative ions can also help sufferers of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Boots, Canada Place Mall , £29.99

2. Biofreeze gel

Small enough to sneak into a pocket of your suitcase, this roll-on could prove a pocket-sized form of pain relief.

It is clinically proven to use cold therapy to ease suffering following muscle spasms, bumps, pulls and bruises.

The cooling product is a substitute for an ice pack for rapid pain relief, as well as reducing blood flow and skin temperature.

Boots, Canada Place Mall , from £9.99.

3. Thera Pearl

This squishy product combines the healing power of heat and ice in one reusable pack.

It is deigned to maintain a healing temperature for common aches, pains and bruising for around 20 minutes, after freezing for at least two hours or heated for 30 seconds.

Sports Direct, Westfield Stratford City, £9.