With autumn in full swing and winter fast approaching, The Wharf has teamed up with luxury outerwear brand QIVIUT & CO to provide the ultimate solution to your winter wardrobe woes.

QIVIUT & CO is the brand responsible for setting a new standard in luxury outerwear.

Quickly gaining both notoriety and acclaim, QIVIUT & CO is responsible for introducing ethical fibre from the arctic musk ox into the luxury fashion arena.

The brand’s flagship product, The Qiviut Jacket, is made with fibre from the arctic musk ox, an extremely scarce mammal that survived the Ice Age and is today found in only three of the harshest climates on the planet – Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland.

The Qiviut Jacket uses the animal’s outer hair, which has protected it for millennia, for unsurpassed insulation and the amazingly soft under hair, known as “qiviut” (KIV-ee-ute) for its knitted trim.

It uses the inner and outer hair of the arctic musk ox to protect its wearer against the elements

It’s a combination of form and function that has never before been attempted with musk ox fibre.

Softer than cashmere and eight times warmer than wool, the gunmetal grey jacket is water-resistant and insulated with a mixture of qiviut, musk ox guard hair and Thermolite Pro™.

Trimmed with a knitted mixture of Greenland qiviut, alpaca and superfine merino wool, the jacket is incredibly warm, soft and versatile.

With its slim profile and unsurpassed insulation qualities, it is abundantly superior to its feather and synthetic-filled contemporaries.

The addition of the detachable insulated hood, arctic collar and wind baffle hood trim make it easily adaptable to all social situations and weather conditions.

From the city to the slopes, The Qiviut Jacket is the smart choice for the refined men and women of the world and we have one to give away.

For a chance to win this gender-neutral limited edition jacket, worth £975, just answer this simple question: What rare mammal does qiviut come from?

a. Arctic musk ox

b. Sheep

c. Goat

To submit your entry online, go to qiviutandco.com/wharf .

Terms and conditions apply.

QIVIUT & CO has embarked on a substantial yet impelling journey. The brand’s debut accessory line will launch later this month.

To find out more about the brand go to qiviutandco.com .

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