A study by mobile game studio Project M has revealed the habits of the 42million smartphone users in the UK.

The survey of 2,000 adults by the makers of Dig That Gold showed there is seldom a moment we are without our beloved devices, looking at them 85 times a day on average.

The research indicated that Brits spend 26 hours of the year is spent their smartphone on the toilet and 60 hours looking at phones before sleep or first thing in the morning.

An entire working week is spent checking social media, while 24 hours is a year is spent either stalking friends, family or love interests.

Millennials take 54 hours a year taking selfies or checking their appearances, the equivalent to five months over their adult lives.

And the popularity of mobile games is evident, taking up to 80 minutes of Britons’ weeks.

Project M CEO Sean McNicholas said: “It’s amazing to see just how much time Brits are spending on their phone doing random things in random places.

“It is no secret that people are on their mobile device nearly every hour of every day, but now we can see how integrated smartphones really are within our day-to-day activities.”

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