The final days before Christmas are here. If you’re still in Canary Wharf you’ll be spending your time chatting, reading online articles on how to mull things, and scrolling past photos of that creepy elf toy half the country seem to be hiding around their house.

Those of you who are on the move, perhaps reading this on the DLR as the towers and work melt away, I wish you running trains, clear motorways, and surprisingly light and quiet wheelie cases.

If you work in retail or the service industry we all offer big, big tips. (Seriously, guys, that’s the deal.)

Whether you’ve bagged one day or one week off, Christmas only comes once a year, so get it right.

Here are the three must-dos during the festive period.

1. Sleep

Those under 30 have this covered. Lie in. Don’t get dressed until lunch. Heck, don’t get up until lunch. Those with children need to work a bit harder.

If Santa “arrives” at 5am, it’s not game over. Forget middle class anxiety, park your kiddies in front of the flat screen with a chocolate selection box and slip upstairs for some post-lunch shut eye. Arguably, Mary Poppins is a qualified nanny.

2. Eat

Everything. Forget eating clean, forget being lean for 15 minutes. Someone has slaved for hours to turn out a feast. It’d be rude not to.

3. Be merry

Christmas can be a difficult time, but after a year of sadness and stress we all need to have a laugh.

Gather together, whether in real life or online (look for the #joinin hashtag), and let the good times roll.

It’s been a tough one, but we made it through.

Love you guys. Merry Christmas.

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