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By Tabitha Ronson

I am so glad that I do not have a daughter. I am not gynophobic and I do not advocate the Little Emperor Syndrome either.

But I do thank the heavens that I was blessed with Master A and not Little Miss B.


Holidaying in England to me conjures up an image of a tiny car trundling endlessly down a motorway in the rain, its passengers praying for one minute of sunshine during their time away.



Korean cuisine is having its moment in the spotlight - and the co-founder of a new restaurant is keen to introduce more East Enders to the fresh, spicy fare at the Feast festival this week.

Jubo opened its doors in Shoreditch's Rivington Street last year serving up what Leon Foong calls topical tasty food, including dishes like steamed buns and bulgogi.


With most of its passengers earning over £100,000 a year you might expect London City Airport's most confiscated item to be fine wines.

However, jams and snow globes have actually topped the list this year, in a top 10 released by the airport.

Theatre Royal Stratford East Young People's Season credit Theatre Royal Stratford East.JPG

Young poets, writers, actors and composers are taking over Theatre Royal Stratford East this week as part of the theatre's latest Young People's Season.



Arts and activities will adorn a disused space in E14 for a second consecutive summer after securing support from the community during its 2013 debut.



by Angela Clarke

A happiness epidemic is spreading like mould over social media. Twitter and Instagram have the #100happydays initiative, where participants post a photo of something that made them happy every day for 100 days.



Ask For Janice

Ask For Janice is new and it's exactly what Smithfield market needs. It's a triumph, terrible name aside.



By Tabitha Ronson

I am having a difficult time with the new manager brought in by my boss. In short, we just don't like each other.

On paper he sounded like a dream colleague (although his application did include a "smell-the-fart" black and white image - he used to be an actor, you know).



Even when they're not physically working out at The Training Base, founder Jason Fox can keep an eagle eye on his clients' fitness rates.

Instead of shadowing their strides during a running homework assignment or counting up exact steps pedometre-style, he's relying on the rather chic Fit Bit wristband.

Fitness: Activity trackers

By Rob Virtue on July 26, 2014 9:13 AM |

laura new142.jpg

From a decline in mental health to a risk of heart disease, the evidence against sitting still for too long continues to stack up, writes Laura Williams.

But where exercise is concerned, every little really does help, so you don't need a five-day-a-week gym habit to get results.



by Tabitha Ronson

I have come to dread the end of term prize giving ceremony at Master A's school.

Every year, I excitedly take my place in the school hall, eagerly anticipating the swag load of awards with which Master A will be honoured.


Lycra-clad cyclists seem to be taking over the Canary Wharf estate. So it's no surprise the latest store to open in the area is specifically catering for that market.



by Peter Golds

According to the BBC, some two billion people live under governments influenced by Magna Carta.

Much of the original document would seem alien to a modern citizen, but the fundamental principle that government, including the Monarch (or President), must be subject to the law is as relevant today as it was in 1215.

River Rat Race 1 (4).jpg

Rat Race Adventure Sports is giving two readers of The Wharf the chance to take on the challenge of a lifetime and win entry for themselves and a friend to London's first aquatic obstacle course.

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