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Preview: Millwall v Tranmere

By John Hill on October 2, 2009 2:34 PM |


The problem with exceeding expectations is that the bump down to earth often hurts a lot more.

Injuries may have played a part in Millwall's start to the season, but there's little doubt that no one's particularly happy with 15th place after ten games after the thrills of Wembley last year.

DLR services hit by "computer system" glitch

By John Hill on October 2, 2009 1:08 PM |


UPDATE: Services on the east route have now resumed

Computer problems which affected DLR services last night have run on into today.

The network was suspended from 4.45pm to 6.05pm yesterday, and a relapse caused the eastern line to be shut from 7.43am this morning.


Wharf companies are being taught how to use the tactics of the US President to get ahead in business.

Author and speaker Rod Sloane is hosting an event at the Britannia International Hotel called How To Barack Obama Up Your Business Forum.

Review: Mark Thomas, Tricycle Theatre

By John Hill on October 2, 2009 11:21 AM |


Mark Thomas: The Manifesto, Tricycle Theatre

Political comedian Mark Thomas scours the country for ideas that will change Britain, but it's definitely not just a big joke.

aa-oct1-JillianMacLean.jpgCanary Wharf's newest bar is getting ready to open and the woman behind it is confident it will appeal to Wharfers' sense of quirkiness.

The Parlour opens its doors on October 12 in Canada Park Pavilion and for Jillian MacLean, managing director of parent company Drake and Morgan, it will offer something a bit different from other establishments in the area.

FF-Oct1-AmandaKelly2.jpgAmanda Kelly is a woman who knows how to pack a punch and she hopes it will bring her global glory next month.

The Poplar Dock resident will be part of England's Thai boxing team heading to the World Championships in Bangkok at the end of November.


By Andrew Williams

Renewable energy is destined to be a huge topic in the aftermath of the Copenhagen climate change summit at the end of the year. Whether it's solar power, wind turbines or wave technology, the race is on to develop alternatives to polluting fossil fuels.

strauss.jpgEngland cricket captain Andrew Strauss has had his Canary Wharf book signing next week cancelled.

Strauss was due at the Waterstone's store in Jubilee Place mall next Tuesday but England's progress in the Champions Trophy has put paid to that.


Caribbean chef Collin Brown is reaching for the stars, and he's hoping to get there via Poplar Dock.

The three-time Caribbean Chef of the Year fought his way from selling his distinctive cakes on the streets of Dalston to handling catering for Virgin Atlantic flights to his homeland.


A teenager who was stabbed just yards from the Isle of Dogs police station has joined the chorus of voices calling for it to open later in the day.

Hanif Ali, 14, was "jumped" by a gang of ten youths as he got off the D7 bus on Manchester Road last month. The mob stabbed him in the stomach, severed two tendons in his wrist, and left him with further injuries to the head and arm.