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Canary Wharf Group has filed a claim against bankrupt financial giant Lehman Brothers for $4.28billion in rent and charges.

The claim was filed this month with Epiq Bankruptcy Solutions in the US, and includes $2.63billion in rent, $711.3million in rates, and $552.6 in dilapidations.


Lennie Lawrence was due to make a return to The Valley on Wednesday - and he could expect a reception in contrast to another former Charlton manager.

While Alan Pardew was jeered recently amid accusations of wasting money and leading the Addicks on a downwards slide, Lawrence can boast a far different record.


Elephant Royale, Isle Of Dogs

Excellent food and well-pitched interior make for a Thai restaurant that falls just the right side of kitsch.

JeffBeck142.jpgGuitar legends Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck have announced a joint show at The O2 next February.

The musicians, acknowledged as two of the greatest guitarists of all time, will play the arena on February 13 after being inspired when they collaborated on stage in Tokyo earlier this year.

aa-sep24-patcash1.jpgAndy Murray might have had a difficult few weeks with injury and defeat but he has still got a great chance of winning a grand slam tournament according to ex-Wimbledon champion Pat Cash.

Murray's surprise defeat against Marin Cilic in the US Open led to some people questioning whether he will fulfil his potential but Cash dismissed such talk.


Angela Clarke's ice cream is melted by The Wharf's deputy editor

This column is dedicated to William.

Without him my last two weeks of poignant insight/inane dribble [delete as appropriate] would not have made it to print. Not bad for a nine-month-old baby.

By Tim Archer

Tim Archer142WEB.jpg

Anyone who knows Tower Hamlets knows all about the major housing problems the borough faces.

There are some 23,000 people on the housing waiting list, with 14,000 on the list are living in chronic overcrowding. Housing is where the Government and the Labour-run council have let local people down the most.


By Andrew Williams

When Naomi Klein published No Logo in 2000 she took aim at a business world obsessed with branding and image. Her view was that the superficiality of modern living, with its Nike swooshes and Adidas stripes had robbed us of a basic sense of choice.

Concrete Pencil: It's party time

By John Hill on September 23, 2009 12:20 PM |

Dan Bourke spent his early days at college watching people get drunk and try to sound clever


I'd like to tell you that I always skived off the first week or two of uni because I was raging drunk or plotting violent revolution or both.

I did bunk off, but any cool points that gains me are nullified by my real reason: I did it to watch the party conferences. (I was often raging drunk too, but that's not why I stayed home.)

What We're Watching

By John Hill on September 23, 2009 12:13 PM |


Angels and Demons (12A)

Tom Hanks embarks on another Catholic artefact treasure hunt in this iffy Da Vinci Code sequel, which thankfully isn't as awful as the first effort.