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By John Biggs


Even a little green man from Mars would recognise that for an area like ours to have so few roads crossing the Thames is unsustainable.

But we also know that individual communities often oppose roads because of the fear that they will bring unwanted traffic to a quiet area. The answer is that we need leadership.

bb-aug6-forman9WEB142.jpgAmbling past the tables of his recently-opened restaurant, fourth generation salmon smoker Lance Forman gazes out of his window at the Olympic stadium heaving up across the river.

"We've got the best view in town of the stadium", he said. "We're as close as it gets. There will be no better place to watch the fireworks on opening night."

aa-aug20-rick.jpgWaterstone's have netted one of Britain's best-known cooks as part of a shoal of signings this autumn.

Rick Stein, famed for his fish and seafood cookery, will be at the store in Jubilee Place Mall to sign copies of his latest book Far Eastern Odyssey on Monday, September 14.

charlottebyrne3.jpgIntrepid Wharfers looking for adventure can still claim a place in a team heading to the North Pole - but they had better be quick.

Wharf readers Charlotte Byrne and James Davers are in training for the Polar Challenge race next April but need one more hardy soul to join them in their quest to be the first team to reach the magnetic North Pole.

What We're Listening To

By Louisa Emery on August 20, 2009 12:49 PM |

Ellipse, Imogen Heap

Breathtakingly beautiful electronic harmonies and fantastically evocative lyrics written, mixed and produced by the lady herself.

MillwallLOGO142.jpgThousands of Millwall fans have been left disappointed by the decision to limit the number of tickets available for the Carling Cup match with West Ham.

The Lions were initially given just 1,500 tickets for next Tuesday's game, despite being entitled to 3,000, because police are concerned about potential violence between fans.


Memsaheb On Thames

Establishment's golden reputation is justified by superior food, which supplies the vibrancy in otherwise bland surroundings.


Commuters will see immediate benefits on the DLR from next week because of the opening of a new junction.

The development, which will allow trains from the Bank to bypass West India Quay, will mean an end to heavy peak-time congestion and delays in this area of track, say DLR chiefs.


By Andrew Williams

Just like pebbles on the beach or stars in the sky, fish are often thought of as a limitless resource. Sadly that isn't the case.

The film The End Of The Line aimed to do for fish what Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth did for global warming.

Concrete Pencil: A day in the life

By Rob Virtue on August 19, 2009 1:23 PM |

Dan Bourke is wary of causing offence via email


Delete from your desktop, check your gmail, do some work. Do some work, check your email, google fold-up bikes.

Google-maps search the route you would take from your house to here. Go to street view and start following the route. Get bored. Do some work. Check Facebook.

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