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Angela Clarke has run out of excuses on why she can't join the snow clique


To ski, or not to ski, that is the question / Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer, / The slings and arrows of outrageous social exclusion, / Or to take poles and land repeatedly on one's butt.

I've always managed to elegantly and artfully avoid the ski season, as I suspect any on-slope performance would be anything but graceful.


Retromancer, by Robert Rankin
Gollancz, £14.99

More far fetched fiction from the prodigious inventor of curious anomalies and their bonkers consequences.


Something Something Something Dark Side
20th Century Fox, £24.99


Dear Family Guy. Movie references are not substitutes for jokes, even if there's one every two seconds. Stop it. Now.

Charlton 2 Hartlepool 1

By Rob Virtue on January 20, 2010 8:47 AM |


A stunning 30-yard strike from teenager Scott Wagstaff helped Charlton to a narrow victory at home to Hartlepool on Tuesday night.

The away side were keen to bounce back from a 5-0 drubbing against MK Dons at the weekend and proved difficult for the Addicks to break down.

FF-jan21-DSDG.jpgA new era at West Ham started today with the promise from new owner David Sullivan that he will do all he can to move the club to the Olympic Stadium in 2012.

Mr Sullivan, who along with David Gold acquired a controlling interest in the Irons along last night, promised changes will be made across the board at the troubled club.


Travelling across the most remote parts of India giving aid to the poorest in the country, the Lifeline Express train has treated half a million people since 1991.

Historically, the health care has included procedures such as cataract surgery or correcting cleft palates, but thanks to a Wharf company the range of treatments now includes dental care.


Police say they still have permission to use stop and search powers, despite a European ruling that they are in breach of the Human Rights Act.

Since the Home Office has pledged to appeal the decision, the Metropolitan Police says its authorisation "remains in force in specified locations across London".


Most Londoners would jump at the chance to avoid being swallowed and spat out by the tube every morning.

Think tank Policy Exchange believe the best way to achieve this is by making better use of the river. The group has released a paper outlining how this may work.

westham.jpgWest Ham's takeover saga has finally drawn to a close.

The Irons have confirmed that a deal has been completed giving former Birmingham City owners David Sullivan and David Gold a 50 per cent stake in the club.

AA-oct29-wahacca142.jpgIt might have been chilly outside in recent weeks but for the owners of Wahaca it's the chili on the inside that counts.

Since opening in November the Mexican restaurant has become a Wharf favourite, rewarding the faith of owners Thomasina Miers and Mark Selby that their spicy food would prove popular.