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Heron Quays leaseholder Michael Gross will tell an enquiry this week that he was "deceived" by Canary Wharf Group during talks for his stake.

Mr Gross is one of two leaseholders who pushed for a public enquiry after they were served with a compulsory purchase order by Tower Hamlets Council last year.

By John Biggs


One of "my" two X-Factor contestants (they live in my constituency), Rachel, has been voted out. Stacey remains. There is an East End tradition of success from a modest start to which they both belong. Other examples of success from the East End are numerous - another, from a different field, comes to mind each morning as I walk through Whitechapel and glance up at the blue plaque marking the home of the founder of Tesco.

Concrete Pencil: Escape to Victory

By John Hill on November 11, 2009 2:37 PM |

Dan Bourke can't recognise the Englishmen on the tube to "Twickers"


What is it with England rugby fans?

I am English: a 50 per cent stake genetically but a working majority once you bring in schooling, accent, where I've always lived, who I support in the football etc.

strictly.jpgFans of Strictly Come Dancing were left disappointed this afternoon when two stars of the hit show got themselves in a tango trying to get to Canary Wharf.

Dancers James Jordan and Matthew Cutler missed their lift from west London for "unknown reasons" and failed to arrive for a 12.30pm book signing.


The Invention Of Air, by Steven Johnson
Penguin, £9.99

Steven Johnson examines the life of Enlightenment genius Joseph Priestley, an unassuming man with a vast impact.

Olympiclogo.jpgThe wave-shaped roof of the Olympic Aquatics centre has been put in place as work on the 2012 venues continues ahead of schedule.

Designed by Zaha Hadid the 160m long structure was lowered into place this week in one of the most complex engineering challenges of the project.

What We're Listening To

By John Hill on November 11, 2009 11:21 AM |


This is it, Michael Jackson
Sony, £19.99

Works of genius can make our lives clearer, easier or simply more beautiful. Or, in Michael Jackson's case, they can be wrung dry to make Sony richer

What We're Watching

By John Hill on November 11, 2009 10:07 AM |


Drag Me To Hell
Universal, £19.99

It's more slimy and horrible than shredded wheat vomited back into the breakfast bowl, but Sam Raimi's screamer is great fun

Junior Stanislas headshot.jpgIt might be international week but West Ham winger Junior Stanislas is glad he won't be getting any time off.

The 19-year-old will be putting his pace to good use with Stuart Pearce's England under-21 squad, who have a European Championship qualifier against Portugal at Wembley on Saturday.

AA-nov12 -viv richards.jpgOne of cricket's all-time greats couldn't resist having a swipe at England when he turned up in Docklands this afternoon.

Former West Indies batsman Sir Viv Richards, scourge of bowlers during the 1970s and 80s, feels England still have plenty to prove despite reclaiming the Ashes in the summer.