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FF-sep10-Peters.jpgCarlton Cole is not the new Martin Peters, at least according to the original Martin Peters.

The West Ham striker was likened to Peters by Sir Geoff Hurst in a tabloid paper this week, because he is a relative newcomer to the England side. But Peters, who scored England's second goal in the 1966 World Cup final against West Germany, thinks Sir Geoff has got it wrong.

MillwallLOGO142.jpgMillwall have bolstered their beleagured ranks by signing Reading winger James Henry on loan.

Henry, who played 16 games and scored three goals for the Lions during a loan spell last season, has signed until December 29.


A victim of the IRA's devastating bomb at Canary Wharf has spoken of the importance of keeping the pressure on Libya to compensate victims.

At the weekend, the campaign took a huge step forward when Prime Minister Gordon Brown caved in to pressure and said he would back attempts to force Colonel Gaddafi to pay for IRA attacks.

Lower East Liquor Bar and Bistro

A new arrival on the Wharf eating scene offers a French-influenced New York eating experience by the Thames.


What should we expect from actor and comedian Kevin Eldon's new show? Apparently, a selection of well-rehearsed readings, poetry and verse from "an Islington nob".

Ahead of his appearance at the Greenwich Comedy Festival tonight, The Wharf's Steven Davies caught up with the man himself to find out what makes him tick and ticks him off.

FF-sep10-rampracash1.jpgHe has 100 centuries to his name but Mark Ramprakash might always be seen as the nearly man of English cricket.

With 33,244 first-class runs in a 20 year career, Ramprakash has been one of the heaviest scorers in the domestic game but never hit those heights in the test arena.

For The Wharf's gallery of the arms fair protests, click here


In a two-part online report, The Wharf talks to the people inside and outside the world's largest arms fair.

Part one looks at the protest movement against Excel's DSEi defence show, and how activists have switched targets in a bid to challenge the arms industry.

By John Biggs


We are of course all concerned about the economy but different political parties have different solutions for dealing with it.

The next few months will clarify whether the worst is over, and in the next few years we will understand whether we made the right choices.

Blonde's Eye View: Onwards to Christmas

By Rob Virtue on September 9, 2009 12:21 PM |


Angela Clarke is 105 days to go and counting

Now we have cleared the August Bank Holiday and the long, hot (ahem) days of summer are behind us it is time to look forward to Christmas.

Well, it is for the shops anyway.

Concrete Pencil: Why so serious?

By John Hill on September 9, 2009 12:05 PM |

Dan Bourke is tired of your clipboard-waving self-importance


Let's be serious for a moment. Joking aside, let's be sensible. Set your frivolity to one side for a time, please, because now is not the time for high-jinks, horseplay or monkeying around.

The only proper response to such nonsense? Ooo OOO Ooo. Pulling a monkeyface. Slapping of thighs with loose arms.

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