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Concrete Pencil: A grey day

By Rob Virtue on September 16, 2009 1:32 PM |

Dan Bourke - that big bloke from The Wharf - is going to get wet


I was sitting on the train staring out the window at the rain from which I had no coat to protect me.

Coatless, I saw the DLR carrying me was being rained on. I was late anyway and autumn was bringing rain to the East End, and there was me without a coat or even a jacket.

Blonde's Eye View: Confessions

By Rob Virtue on September 16, 2009 1:02 PM |

Angela Clarke is wondering if honesty is the best policy


I am cheating on my partner. My life is a series of guilty glances over my shoulder. I'm sneaking around, ducking behind corners in a bid not to be caught, hiding the evidence.

I can't keep this up. I'm going to tell him, break it to him gently, try to limit the damage.

RoyalNavalCollege142.jpgFancy getting out of the house this weekend and taking a peek round someone else's pad?

Well, why not take advantage of the annual Open House weekend where hundreds of buildings across the capital throw open their doors for free in a celebration of the best of British architecture.

aa-aug20-rick.jpgThere was a surfeit of celebrity chefs in Canary Wharf this week with Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein both here to promote their latest cookbooks.

While Oliver had Wharfers in a stew as they queued to meet him on Tuesday, laid-back Stein was here the day before to chew the fat with The Wharf about the whole TV cooking phenomenon.


London Development Agency executives have denied responsibility for failing to notice a £159.8million "black hole" in the Olympic land budget.

A KPMG report released last week revealed that the financial controls and documentation kept on land acquisition payments for the Olympic site were "inaccurate" and "generally inadequate".

What We're Watching

By John Hill on September 15, 2009 1:53 PM |


Hannah Montana: The Movie (U)

If you're in your early teens, Disney darling Hannah is bigger than God. Sadly, her movie features a plot which is old as the Almighty himself.

City Airport to expand security areas

By Rob Virtue on September 15, 2009 11:27 AM |


A multi-million pound reconfiguration to speed up security processes at London City Airport will take place next year.

The work will be finished by Autumn 2010, when the airport says passengers will see a significantly increased passenger search area and more room in the departure lounge.


Who's Afraid Of Jane Austen? by Henry Hitchings
Published by John Murray, £7.99

The author aims to bring the big beasts of literature down to a size snug enough to fit in your frontal lobe.


A former Lehman Brothers trader is helping to set up a networking site for property professionals.

Syria-born Bisher Armanazi hopes that AgentPad will become the go-to site for estate agents and property experts looking to share tips, post articles and boost their online profile to attract customers.


How many photographers does it take to change a terror law?

While crowds of up to 80 people didn't stray much further than Reuters Plaza, a broad spectrum of snappers turned up in Canary Wharf on Saturday to challenge "draconian" restrictions on photos.

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