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AA-nov19-corriganchef142.jpgIf you are stuck for the inspiration to serve up something a bit different to turkey and goose this Christmas one of London's best chefs might have the answer.

Michelin-starred chef Richard Corrigan recently added an unusual offering to his restaurant's bill of fare - squirrel.

CP1michael vaughan.jpgThe Canary Wharf crease has been getting used to top cricketers opening up here in recent years and its not over yet.

Sir Ian Botham and current England captain Andrew Strauss have both been here in recent weeks and now they are being followed by former test skipper Michael Vaughan.

Blonde's Eye View: Me time

By Rob Virtue on November 18, 2009 3:44 PM |


Angela Clarke on dancing around her flat and not manning-up her salads

My partner is at a stag do this weekend. He leaves Friday morning and doesn't return till Sunday evening.

My friends have rallied round to fill my diary. Girls' night out on Friday? A museum on Saturday? How about afternoon tea on Sunday?

dd-nov19-KateRusby.jpgFolk music might be a bit of a forgotten cousin in the British music scene but one of its brightest stars is heading this way for a show next month.

Singer Kate Rusby plays the Indigo2 on December 6 as part of her Christmas tour and for the Yorkshire-based artist it's a welcome return to live performance.

Concrete Pencil: Bigmouth Strikes Again

By John Hill on November 18, 2009 1:04 PM |

Dan Bourke's musical heroes are coming back from the dead


The passing of time, and all of its sickening crimes, is making me sad again. That, plagiarism fans, is a line by Morrissey, who I saw last week.

These days, Morrissey fans, the man himself is playing a Smiths song about every three numbers in his set. Up from the none, ever, which had been the avowed policy for most of his solo career.

Jim Fitzpatrick142WEB.jpgPoplar and Canning Town MP Jim Fitzpatrick will be swapping his advice surgery for a medical one when he goes into hospital just before Christmas.

Mr Fitzpatrick is scheduled to have a neurosurgical operation for a condition called trigeminal neuralgia on December 15, which will put him out of action for several weeks.

What We're Watching

By Jon Massey on November 18, 2009 11:03 AM |


Bruno (18)
Universal, £19.99

It's not a million miles away from its predecessor Borat, but Cohen's formula is still cringe-worthy enough to raise a few laughs

What We're Listening To

By Louisa Emery on November 18, 2009 10:45 AM |

The Circle, Bon Jovi
Mercury, £16.99

Drag the acid washed denim down from the loft, Bon Jovi are back with an album of timeless tracks.


Giles Broadbent looks back on the day that the war truly came to the East End, leaving the pride of Britain aflame

There was a war on - but you wouldn't know it. A year on from Neville Chamberlain's ominous declaration of hostilities, little had changed for the families of the East End.


The Ledger Building will open its doors tomorrow with a new look, inside and out.

The Lloyds No 1 pub on West India Quay is being treated to a facelift worth more than £175,000, which features new furniture, a mahogany bar, a DJ booth and a fresh paint job.